Facts About Friendship Jewelry

Beauty is a gift which is given to a person by the Almighty and is friendship jewelry giftscharacteristic and abiding in every sense. Fashion accessories like jewelry augment it even more and even a small jewelry item is enough to bring the best out of you. Friendship jewelry differs from other forms of personal ornamentation in that it has no other objective than to make you look entrancing.

Jewelry is the most desirable fashion accessory for both men and women across the world. Jewelry is an ornament that enhances your looks and has been adored by women and girls of all age groups across centuries. In the world today, jewelry has become a status symbol for its material properties, patterns and meaningful symbols. One of the most famous fashion accessories these days is the friendship jewelry which consists of friendship bracelets and many more. Friendship jewelry comes in various designs and colors to suit diverse looks.

Friendship bracelets are usually tied to a friend’s hand to make the person realize his importance in one’s life. Bracelets are worn by both men and women in different ways. Some people like to wear bracelets with their name scripted on it whereas some people like bracelets made of gold and silver which increase the charisma of one’s personality.

A person’s beauty can be enhanced with little grooming, which in turn can give the looks of a lifetime. Wearing bracelets which look admirable on your wrist and complements your costume could be a good choice to get a look that you desire. Friendship jewelry accessories are special category accessories which are designed for propitious occasions like Friendship Day and sometimes for people who need to apologize to a friend.

Friendship jewelry comes in various shapes, sizes and colors which are made of different materials like beads, shells, stones and multicolored threads. The designs are created in such a way that they look good with modern garments and look good on your body as well. You can choose from a wide range of styles and colors that you think suits your friends the best.

Friendship jewelry is made by unique techniques in handicraft, hand sewing and embroidery which give it a natural and traditional look. It is an ingenious art which comprises many things including designing, color combinations, accuracy and knitting techniques that result in creation of such beautiful and creative jewelry.

Friendship jewelry is used across the world on many auspicious occasions for showing love and affection towards each other. Friendship bracelets are designed in such a way that they look simple yet beautiful due to their color combination and creativity. These bracelets are available in different designs like name bracelets, embroidered bracelets, name initial bracelets and others. Embroidered bracelets are usually handmade and are developed by precision designers who put their creative best in making these beautiful bracelets.

Nowadays, friendship jewelry is the most stylish and elegant piece of fashion accessory for men and women when used to exchange greetings and adoration among family, friends and loved ones.

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Easy Bracelet Patterns That You Can Do At Home For Business

do it yourself jewelry for business

Jewelry making can be a great business to start at home with very little investment and good returns. Finding a market for your goods can be pretty easy as well. The fashion-conscious folks these days end up buying accessories to go with each outfit. There are shops and stores rising up almost daily at every street corner selling knickknacks, baubles and trinkets. Thus, jewelry making can be a great profitable business. Do-it-yourself jewelry for business is one endeavor that can be a great start.

Bracelets are becoming more and more popular by the day. Bracelets are also venturing out of the metal domain and are now being made out of very unconventional materials like hemp, fabric, wood, beads, etc. They are becoming more funky and hip. For starting a business that involves jewelry making at home, do-it-yourself bracelets can fun and profitable.

Do-it -yourself bracelets generally involves manual work. You can decide to make bracelets of any one type or several types to improve your business and add variety. First comes the part where you buy all the raw materials needed. These include fabric, ribbon, beads, strings, wool, twine, crystals, stones, plastic threads, clips, clasps, and elastic strings. These materials are quite easily available at local craft shops.

For making bracelets made of beads, elastic twine is cut to a length slightly longer than the average wrist size of a person. One end is knotted and the beads/stones/crystals (may be of one color or different colors) are strung into the twine. Then a clasp is attached at the end and the extra length of elastic is trimmed off. Making several of these bead bracelets is not that time-consuming.

Making braided bracelets can be a bit trickier. Several strands of colored twine are cut to the same length and one end of these strings is tied or clipped to a fixed structure (may be an edge of a furniture piece). Then, the lengths of the strings are braided in different attractive combinations to yield funky bracelets. Clasps are also attached at the ends and the extra twine is trimmed off. These types of bracelets can also be made using fabrics and wool of different colors. The fabric needs to be of a good quality and of a non-stiff material. The bracelets can be made of several designs using different colors of twine/beads and different manners of braiding.

For a home-based jewelry making business to be successful, the quality of the jewelry should be good. Also, the packaging should be attractive and flamboyant. Finding a good marketing agent to help sell the products definitely helps. The main advantage of a home-based jewelry making business is that you can easily get your family and friends to help out in the manufacturing process during their spare time. In addition, this business can be favored as a part-time job for some extra income and you can invest your time and money according to your choice. Finding new, innovative and unique designs for jewelry and making these using inexpensive materials can help further the business.




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Easy Friendship Bracelet

Easy friendship bracelets can be a great idea especially to those who like

simple bracelet patternsmaking a saving on buying fashion accessories. This is because there are plenty of brilliant ones that can be made using a number of different materials.

With the new fashion trend, you don’t have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars so as to acquire that decent look which comes with a classy bracelet. All you need is the right skills and knowledge of doing so, as well as time and strings. Let’s find out the most classic ways of making easy bracelets.

1. Fish Tail Friendship Bracelet

This bracelet can be easily made using 9 pieces of threads in different colors. Gather all of these (3 feet long) together and fold them in half. After tying this on the finger so that it takes the form of a knot, you will continue by inserting a bead (make sure it is quite large) in one of the ends so that it assumes the shape of a circle.

One thing about the fish tail friendship bracelets is that they can be customized in a number of different ways as well as for various occasions. Make sure, however, that the colors of the strings go hand in hand with the color pattern of the cloth you will use.

2. Finger-Knitted Friendship Bracelet

This is in fact one of the easiest to make in its category. It can be structured through the use of a specified pattern whereby you weave a number of loops using a finger. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Using embroidery floss, cut 24” of seven strands and make a knot from both ends
  • Through a pant leg or pillow, pin the knot and put them on your finger by separating the stranded loops
  • Work with three strings on the right hand, letting the pinky finger do all the work
  • Loop your pinky on the strand under side and pull the loop’s end
  • Still using the pinky finger, grab the last loop of your braid and tighten it by pulling through the end of the strand. Look closely and you will notice that you have only four loops placed on your opposite hand
  • With 3 loops pointing towards your pointer finger, you can shift the loops on your hands and free the pinky
  • Continue by weaving in a similar way, back and forth until the pattern is complete.

Currently, friendship bracelets have managed to steal their way in the adult Diaspora as compared to recent times when they belonged to kids. This is because fashion-edgy girls and designers know that the bracelets mean more than a trinket mainly used as a promise sign to little girls by BFFs.

Other classic and uniquely magnificent easy friendship bracelets include color block, Kumihimo friendship, chevron friendship, beaded wrap bracelet, hexnut bracelet and the great macramé string. A unique type of bracelet remains an outfit added statement and a trend with a number of fashion and style components featuring beaded details and fancy bright colors of neon.

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A Basic Bracelet Making Tutorial: Patterns, Process and Products

bracelet patterns Bracelet making is a fun way to unleash your inner artist and achieve creativity. Like in other processes of creating something, the first step in making a bracelet is to decide which design to follow. There are plenty of designs to choose from. You also need to decide on the patterns and take into consideration the type of material to be used, the color and the size of your end product.

Making Your Own Bracelet

If you are a beginner and do not have an idea how to make a bracelet, then it would be best to start with simple bracelet patterns. To help you with your attempt in creating your own bracelet, here is a simple step-by-step tutorial:

1. Gather five 12-inch strings of yarn or laces. You can choose different colors to make the end product colorful.

2. After gathering all five 12-inch strings, you will have to fold the strings in half. Now hold the fold end and tie this in a knot, making sure that the knot is tight.

3. For the next step, you are going to isolate one of ten strings, and you are going to wrap this isolated string around the remaining nine. You will repeat this step until you are able to wrap the isolated string about twelve times.

4. After wrapping the string twelve times, you need to lock it by making a forward knot.

5. Once you finish the above procedure, you need to choose another string end to become an isolated string. Make sure that the first isolated string is included in the second isolated string’s wrapping.

6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 three times.

7. If you want to add some designs, you can put some beads after the fifth isolated string wrapping by inserting the beads between two isolated strings.

8. After adding the beads, you can repeat steps 3 and 4 five times.

9. You may repeat step 7 to place another set of beads.

10. Repeat step 3 and then tie everything in one knot to lock the bracelet.

And congratulations, your bracelet is finished!

This simple bracelet can be used as a gift to your friends and colleagues. This is just one of the many procedures that you can follow in making a bracelet. The idea is to have fun and enjoy the process.

Materials and Products

There also are other materials that you can use to make your own bracelets. These include beads, wires, laces and fabrics.

Aside from knotting, you can also try sewing your own bracelets. When sewing your own bracelets, you don’t need to think of ways on how to produce an intricate pattern, all you need to do is draw the form of the bracelet you want to have and look for a nicely designed fabric.

Learning how to create something will take some time, but it is rewarding. It is fulfilling to see the products of your effort. So take your time and enjoy learning how to make your own bracelets.


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A Bond Beyond Friendship Bracelets

Have you ever received a friendship bracelet? Do you know what this bracelet is for? Where did it come from? If you receive a friendship bracelet then it simply means that your friend or friends would want to have an everlasting friendship with you. For young girls, this bracelet is a symbol of loyalty and love. The origin of friendship bracelets is unknown, but there are two recurring theories that point to the origin of the tradition.

  • The Native American Indian Theory

The first theory explains that the Native American Indians were the first ones to have created friendship bracelets from their love of the art of making handcrafted jewelry. According to their tradition, when a friend gives you a friendship bracelet you must wear that bracelet until it wears out or until it breaks. If you choose to remove the bracelet, it symbolically means that you do not want the friendship of your friend anymore.

  • The Arabian Macramé Theory

The second theory states that since friendship bracelets are made using the macramé technique, which means the process of knotting to make textiles, then it may have originated from Arabia where the macramé technique was born. Another fact about macramé is that, from the 13th century onwards, Arabian naval trade ensured its spread throughout the world, especially in China, Europe and eventually America. Though it is true that macramé became popular because of this naval trade, it would be hard to back up the theory using only the history of macramé. That is why until today no one knows how the tradition of friendship bracelets really started.

The idea of giving friendship bracelets was revived during the 1960s in America. Today, this tradition is still intact and alive among teens and adults, especially female friends. There are different types of friendship bracelets. You may choose from handmade macramé or embroidered ones, which are quite popular for young girls, to metal types that can be bought at local jewelry shops. If you are capable, however, you can create your own bracelets using the same materials. There are friendship bracelets heavily decorated with symbols such as ribbons, hearts and flowers. Others simply have the letters or initials of the friends’ names.

If you are the type of friend who constantly needs the affirmation of friendship, then buying or making a friendship bracelet could be a good idea. The bracelet will be a sign and token of your friendship. Remember, however, that your friend is not required to wear it every day of her or his life.

Friendship is a relationship beyond gifts and jewelries; it must be built on trust, loyalty and love. Unlike the American Indians, your friendship does not rely on how strong the bracelet is made. To have an everlasting friendship, you need to be honest with your friends, show them your full support, and positively contribute to their growth. Remember, friendship is a form of love; if you love someone, you must help her or him grow no matter how painful it may be.




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